Why can’t I access certain library?

Studio Ninja library is separated into two different libraries the Ninja Library and the upgrade Sensei Library which have more contents. Depending on the subscription you have subscribed, you may not have access to either one of the libraries.

If you have subscribed to the Ninja Library but not the Upgrade Sensei Library, then you will only have access to the Ninja Library. But if you have subscribed to both the libraries, then you will have access to everything in both the libraries.

What license do I get with the assets?

You will receive Royalty free license with all the files which permit you to use the files for any of your personal or commercial project. You can also use the files for your client’s project. You cannot resell or distribute the assets. Please refer to the TOU page for full terms and conditions.

Files Compatibility

Most of the virtual studio set are compatible with most video software as long they support green screen feature, if you don’t have access to any video software then you can use Hitfilm express, the source files for Hitfilm express are provided in the library, you can download them by clicking on the Hitfilm virtual studio sets link in the browse section in each of the library.

The link for the tutorials on how to use the virtual studio sets with Hitfilm Express is available under the member’s tab.

I need help!

If you have any question or require support please contact us via our helpdesk.